A customisable training system


The training and further work necessary in your particular setting and the challenges your staff face is unique

The training we provide will be tailored to suit the client group, challenges and settings of your service. Our building block course is a "bricks and mortar" type course called "Managing Challenging Behaviour" and is set up as a three day course. We have now launched a new flexible approach to make our training more accessible to a broader spectrum of staff. One and two day workshops are now available alongside the highly acclaimed three day course, providing a very cost efficient entry level to the Studio 3 approaches. The content and length of the course will be relevant to your circumstances.

The Courses

Course requirements

Please note that in order to run our courses, we require a large room, approximately 13m x 13m (40' x 40') which is free from obstructions (staircases, pillars etc.) and preferably carpeted. Since we will be making a lot of noise, especially on the courses which include the physical restraint procedures, the room should ideally be located where this would not create a problem. A flipchart and pens should also be provided.