Training in non-aversive behaviour management for over fifteen years


The Studio III group comprises three individual companies, all of which promote the ideals, philosophies and benefits of non-aversive behaviour management. Studio III Training Systems was the first company to be formed and with its fusion of skills drawn from academic researchers, applied clinicians, psychologists (educational and clinical), speech and language therapists, occupational therapists, doctors, teachers, movement skills trainers as well as nurses with RMN and RMNH qualifications; its scope broadened to include individualised behaviour management plans and the promotion of other pro-active approaches. From this was born Studio III Clinical Services, a psychology based provider of specialist input to services and individuals alike.

In the early days, as well as providing training, the company organised events to promote broader aspects of non-aversive behaviour management. As these events became increasingly popular, demand grew to the point that Studio III Innovations was formed to run them.


Since the development of Studio III Training Systems in 1989 over 50,000 staff working in the statutory, private and voluntary sectors have been trained in the Studio III model of managing challenging behaviour. The Company's courses have been developed and clinically tested to give staff the skills they require to meet the particular needs of the service user within a broad base of client populations. Of the various topics covered in the training: working within the law; policy development, understanding the causes of challenging behaviour; the use of the "Low-arousal" approaches including interaction, defusion and distraction strategies; coping with challenging behaviours including debriefing - why it is necessary and how to do it, managing versus changing behaviours, physical avoidance skills and physical intervention strategies, are just a few.

Studio III offers an alternative to traditional methods, in line with the South African Laws and Acts.

Studio3 Innovations is committed to the development of specialist training products, conferencing and workshops. These events focus on difficult or controversial questions presented by leading specialists in the field. Click on the link to Studio3 UK at the top for more info.