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Welcome to the first edition of Studio 3 South Africa's Newsletter! We look forward to send you regular news of the work we are doing, and updates on courses and events. The newsletter will be distributed at least quarterly. Each edition of the newsletter will include general announcements and in addition, the newsletter often will focus the spotlight on course participants to hear their opinion on various topics. We aim to provide you with helpful guidelines to help you to keep perspective in the working place. We wish to further the Studio 3 philosophy in South Africa. We hope to build connections and awareness as we grow.

Note from Chantel

People are like puzzles – to see the whole picture – put it together patiently piece by piece.

We are proud to present Studio 3 in South Africa.

I can't believe that it is already two years, since I have started to present the training in South Africa officially. There is a great need for support in the Managing of Challenging behaviour and the interest is still growing.

In association with Autism Eastern Cape, the three day Studio 3 Course was presented in various provinces in South Africa and also in Namibia. The organizers of Studio 3 are thrilled to see how many people have joined on courses presented. We aim to push for a positive change in the way people with challenging behaviour is still treated in South Africa. Various professionals attended the courses like, doctors, occupational therapists, speech therapists, psychologists, social workers, nurses, support staff, caregivers, teachers and security personnel.

The course was well received and participants found it to be very useful in their working environments and it seems as if Training in this field is essential. "Course was well organized. I really enjoyed it. It was very useful and benefitting. It has changed the way I use to do things. Thank you." "The course is an eye opener to us. Improved our care with clients also improved our skills in challenging behaviour." "Thank you for bringing it to South Africa."

In the coming year more courses will be presented and also the Train the Trainers Scheme that will be offered to hospitals and organisations.

I am very excited about the response towards the Studio 3 training; especially the low arousal approaches and am eager to present more training courses. I strive to meet the highest standards to advertise and implement Studio 3 Training Systems continuously in South Africa. I believe that it is making a difference and that it is contributing to the high quality services that Studio 3 offers. Thank you for putting your trust in me and for giving me the opportunity to expand and support the knowledge of South African Health Care Workers.

We hope to empower you to make a difference in your community on a daily basis.


Next 3 Day Course

In Managing Challenging Behaviour – Port Elizabeth – 1-3 July 2013


Accredited by the Health Professionals Council of South Africa (HPCSA) for 19 CPD points, 2 Ethic CEU's and 17 General CEU's

On special request, STUDIO III training will be organised during July 2013. A minimum of 12 attendees are required and a maximum of 20, hurry to prevent disappointment. Please forward this information to all professionals that might be interested or benefit from this specific training.


DATE : 1-3 July 2013

PLACE: PORT ELIZABETH, Autism Eastern Cape's premises in Walmer. (Map will be send to participants as soon as registered.)

TIME : 8h30 – 15h30

COSTS : R950.00 per person (price includes certificate, course booklet, refreshments and a light lunch )

Contact Chantel Snyman for any further information: or 072 4242 108

End of registrations: 20 June 2013

Interview with Course participants

Attended one of the first Studio III Training courses in South Africa


Nomhle Koza

Teacher Aide at school for learners with Autism

What part of the 3 day course was most useful to you:

To calm the learners and to help us to protect ourselves from aggressive behaviour.

Would you recommend it to other professionals?


What challenges do you feel we still have to face in South Africa?

Leadership problems, unemployment, pollution, crime, HIV Aids, skills shortage, corruption, domestic violence and child abuse.

Khosi Dick

Khosi Dick

Educator for learners with Autism

Which part of the 3 day course was most of use to you?

How to deal with difficult behaviour. Debriefing. The Law.

Is it appropriate to teach this philosophy in South Africa?

Yes, it is, as we also face many challenges in children with difficult disabilities. We need proper structures that are suitable and conducive with the different disabilities our children are challenged with.

What challenges do we face in South Africa?

Proper infrastructure, recognition of all disabilities and their specific needs.

Note from the principal of Quest School for learners with Autism

After the Studio III course, I've learned to debrief more often than before. To talk about incidents afterwards, helped me and other colleagues to understand why such an incident occurred. It also provides a lot of information to manage future, similar incidents more appropriately.

During my last two years of teaching I could prevent most of the incidents by applying low arousal approaches. "Don't pour fuel on the fire" are valuable words to remember.

Thank you Studio3!! This is an essential training for each staff member, where you work with special needs children.

Mrs. R.C. de Vries

Recommended Journal Article to read

As the last resort: reducing the use of restrictive physical interventions using organisational approaches British Journal of Learning Difficulties

Roy Deveau, Tizard Centre, University of Kent, Canterburry, kent, CT2 7LZ, UK. (E-mail: and Andrew McDonnell, Studio 3, 32 Gay Street, Bath, BA1 2NT, UK

Thank you Autism Eastern Cape

A huge thank you to Sandi Dunstan

I would once again like to thank Sandi Dunstan from Autism Eastern Cape for her assistance in supporting the promotion of Studio 3 training courses and a non-aversive approach to managing challenging behaviour.

Studio 3 South Africa is grateful for the enthusiasm and hard work that you committed to launch the training in South Africa.

If you would like to contact or read more about Autism Eastern Cape:

Tel: (041) 581-0650

Helpful tips for the term

Helpful tips for the term 10 things you can do to Support a person with Difficult behaviours David Pitonyak, Version 1 November 2005,